Design Evaluation

Predict the performance of the designs in real-time with Design Evaluation

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AI-powered Design Evaluation

Evaluate the design by establishing a deep learning model that can predict in real time the various engineering performance and manufacture that the new design must satisfy.
Deep learning models that learn analysis/test/production out come data can dramatically reduce the time and cost of traditional repetitive tasks.

Deep Learning Solution that predicts engineering performance in real-time


You can quickly assess the engineering performance including structural, thermal and fluid analysis which used to be time-consuming


You can predict the performance inthe early stages without a detailed CAD file using AI models trained withexperiment data.

CAE + Test

You can enhance the accuracy of the prediction by training the AI models using both experiment data and simulation data.

Manufacturability & Cost

You can assess the manufacturability of the product in consideration with its productivity, and predict the manufacturing costs and analyze the factors of cost increase.

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