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Create infinite meaningful designs through Design generation

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AI-powered Design Generation

We combine physics-based generative design and data-driven deep learningto automatically generate a large number of designs that are both engineeringlyand  aesthetically meaningful.
Get the best enhanced results from the topology optimization and parametric design techniques in engineering design by combining with deep learning

Deep Learning solution that generates an infinite number of meaningful designs

From seed data to data synthesis

We generate both seed data and synthetic data using parametric design and topology optimization combined with deep learning technology. We generate data that satisfies both engineering performance and aesthetic aspect.

A small number of data yet robust

Ideally, you need thousands of data to train an AI model.
But in real world, you only have a few number of usable 3D data.
Aslan Generator will amplify your data with synthetic data.

Explore a vast range of design space

Human cannot capture a diverse design space through parametrization.
Aslan Generator uses parameters extracted from the data to generate a wide range of designs to enable you to explore a broader design space.

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