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Aslan Designer

Generative AI for industrial designers
to enhance design productivity

Aslan Designer for designers

Inefficient and repetitive tasks due to different demands from various teams design quality gap coming from different design experience
We aim to provide you with the most efficient work environment.

Faster rendering of the final concept,
Faster workflow for concept design,
While predicting engineering
feasibility and customer preference
3x Faster

Focus on things
where your creativity matters

Concept Generation
Engineering Feasibility
Preference Learning
Aslan designer

Meet Aslan Designer's AI design library

We convert your 2D work into 3D design
enabling you to easily edit your work in 3D

Aslan Designer helps unlock the full potential of your time,
effort, creativity, and skills

Boost your creativity
with Aslan Designer

Narnia Labs offers a new design experience.

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